My Boeing 737 Max Story

the First Flight

my boeing 737 max 9 connection

It was a beautiful sunny day when I was out for a leisurely walk at Gene Coulon Memorial Park. Suddenly, I noticed news helicopters hovering nearby at Renton Municipal Airport and my curiosity was piqued. Upon investigation, I was fortunate enough to witness the first ever flight of the awe-inspiring 737 max 9. It was truly an amazing experience- from the advanced technology and exceptional design to its powerful engines, the 737 Max 9 left an indelible impression upon me. So much so, in fact, that I decided to share the experience with my friends and family by taking them to see where the incredible aircraft is being built. I’ll never forget that unforgettable day and the sheer awe I felt when watching this incredible plane take to the skies.

On my first journey aboard a max 737, I embarked on a flight from the breathtaking landscape of Honolulu to the vibrant city of Seattle. It was an impeccable ride from the moment our plane took off until we landed, feeling secure and amazed by the outstanding service provided by the crew. With a flight duration of just four hours, it was possible thanks to the help of the mighty “pineapple express” winds that graced us, making our travel experience all the more unforgettable.

It was absolutely heart-wrenching to hear the tragic news about the Alaska Max 737 door plug blowing out above Oregon. I cannot even begin to imagine the fear and anxiety that the passengers and crew must have experienced during such a terrifying incident. Additionally, as a lover of airplanes, it is especially disheartening to see such a beautiful aircraft involved in such a devastating event.

Alaska Airlines is definitely my favorite airline to fly! However, when I heard about the blown door plug incident, I couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. I have flown on a 737 max before, so when I heard that my go-to airline was involved, I was feeling pretty nervous. The grounding of the fleet was definitely nerve-wracking, especially since I had a flight coming up on one of those planes. I just kept thinking, “I hope we can get back in the air soon!

As the days have gone by, my reliance on both Youtube and Flight Aware has increased exponentially as I strive to stay informed on the latest developments regarding the 737 Max. With my much anticipated upcoming flight rapidly approaching, my nerves are starting to get the best of me and the thought of potential delays is causing me great concern and anxiety. The window for my Hawaii trip is extremely limited, only allowing for a mere two weeks, and I have so many plans to accomplish once there. Ensuring timely arrival at my final destination is imperative and I am eagerly anticipating a smooth and uneventful flight.

My excitement knows no bounds as Alaska Airlines has announced the resumption of their 737 Max’s, starting with a few planes last Friday and gradually increasing the number until all 65 planes are back in service. The reassurance of a lower probability of flight cancellations is such a relief to me. Today, I woke up to find that 16 of the 65 planes were already in the skies, which is an incredible feat in just three days. With my flight less than two weeks away, I am now able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the airline has efficiently handled the situation.

Good job Alaska! 


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