First Trip of 2024

The Flight The first flight of 2024 from Seattle to Kona was an incredibly smooth and enjoyable experience. Despite our initial confusion over the plane model, we were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch service and amenities provided throughout the journey. We breezed through TSA with ease, and thanks to an...

Coping and Living with Sarcoma

Pre-op Nurses UW Medical Center @ the Surgery Pavilion Living with sarcoma can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, but it is vital to trust your medical team, who are there to support you. As someone who has personally faced the challenges of this diagnosis, I understand the difficulties that...


My Boeing 737 Max Story

the First Flight https://youtu.be/yPDNI4PNUqM?si=ea6EAs5wSP9ci4iZ my boeing 737 max 9 connection It was a beautiful sunny day when I was out for a leisurely walk at Gene Coulon Memorial Park. Suddenly, I noticed news helicopters hovering nearby at Renton Municipal Airport and my curiosity was piqued. Upon investigation, I was fortunate...



Weddings Playlist 4 Videos the Sacrament of Marriage Watto Ena Ew Shalla 0:16 the Williams Part II 0:16 the Bride, the Princess Mimireen's https://youtu.be/iU60E_zy7Nk?si=d7ewsg6358Niofwnhttps://youtu.be/U9XdV_tlqPo?si=8FVelImZJ0TEKWImhttps://youtu.be/xCNMi88l2WQ?si=za8sZhRdS-WcenyOhttps://youtu.be/cbIGhKeZUvs?si=w-avZfZYmcqMgTTn