We are truly blessed to have our dear grandson Bino leading the charge in constructing our beautiful cabana on our beloved family ranch. His exceptional talents and expertise have been an absolute lifesaver, and we cannot express enough gratitude for the amazing memories we are creating together.

The off-grid solar system powering our incredible cabana is truly revolutionary, and we eagerly look forward to the incredible impact it will have on our daily lives.

By including Bino in this exciting process, we are investing in not only the future of our family but also the future of our planet. We cannot wait to share these extraordinary memories with generations to come and are incredibly proud to have Bino as an integral part of our lives.

Despite their inability to join us due to school obligations, our other grandsons, Coco and RJ, remain fully engaged and provide us with their unique perspectives on everything happening on our family ranch. Although we refer to our new addition as a treehouse, they strongly disagree and have demanded that we add a 3×3-foot treehouse high up in one of the trees for it to be considered a true treehouse. Gotta love those kids! ūüėČ

Meanwhile, our granddaughters, Rosie and Nana, are happy to simply go along with whatever decisions we make. However, they have asked that we bring back candies and dresses for them when we return to our home in Seattle, Washington. A girl’s gotta have her sweets and fashion, right?